Fiber Laser Marking Machine
FD-JQ-20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine JQ-20光纖打標機
Product Description

JQ20 fiber marking machine is a new type of laser marking machine innovated and developing market needs.We use the most advanced laser marking system –-high-speed scanning galvanometer laser marking. This system has advantages of fast scanning speed, high repetition accuracy, good durability, etc, able to ensure the quality and nice look of laser markings, especially suits for mass production and pipeline operations.

Machine features

Laser marking technology in the above mentioned applications has the following feature:Good flexibility(computer programmed,free to mark a variety of graphic,text and other kinds of information)

  • High precision, consistent marking quality
  • Marking are permanent with high abrasion resistance
  • Low use-cost ,high speed, high production efficiency
  • Little pollution, environmentally friendly
  • Anti-counterfeiting function
Applicable Materials and Industries

Gold, silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, hard alloy, chrome, titanium and metals, ceramic, PVC, plastic epoxy resin, leather and other non-metallic materials.

Product Parameters
Type JQ20
Laser Wavelength 1064um
Laser Power 20W
Acousto-optic Modulation Frequency 20Hz-200kHz
Max. Scanning Precision 8000mm/s
Repeatable Accuracy 0.001mm
Min. Letter 0.2mm
Min. Line Width 0.01mm
Marking Area 100mm X 100mm
Cooling System 風冷 / Air cooling
Working Conditions 溫度(temperature):00℃-350℃
不結露(with no condensation)
Power Supply 220V/1KVA