Laser Cutting Machine
FD-JQ1610-CCD Laser Cutting Machine JQ1610-CCD 激光切割機
FD-JQ1610-CCD Laser Cutting Machine JQ1610-CCD 激光切割機
Product Description

JQ series CCD laser cutting machines are specially for deformation of clothes, in the camera positioning visual system and cutting down the software work, CCD laser cutting machine can compensate automatically to pinpoint deformation of the fabric and ensure the accuracy of cutting, the laser cutting machine with automatic camera positioning will search for the workpiece which is processed after the picture is imported into computer by the vision system machine, it can prevent the inaccuracy of the cutting correctly.

Because of the power DSP technology of high-end data processing, specific design and precise machinery software of mechanical system, meticulous in high-speed operation conditions, cutting lines and curves no deformation rapid continuous curvilinear cutting function.

Applicable Materials and Industries

Fabrics, leather, paper, bamboo, ware, acrylic, glass, thin film and canvas, etc.

Product Parameters
Type JQ1610-CCD
Cutting Area 1600mm X 1000 mm / 63in X 40in
Laser Power 60W/80W
Laser Type Sealed CO2 laser tube ,water-cooling, 10.6um
Cutting Speed 0-40000 mm / min   /   0-1575in /min
Camera Pixel 3200000
Engraving Speed 0-70000mm / min   /   0-2576in /min
Resolution ≦4500dpi
Locating Precision <0.01mm
Supported Graphic Format ai、plt、bmp、dxf、dst
Power Supply AC220/50Hz, AC110/60Hz,
Total Power <1500W
Operating Temperature 0℃-45℃
Operating Humidity 5%-95%
Color Separation Yes