Glass Laser Engraving Machine

FD-JQ1530 Glass Laser Engraving Machine JQ1530滾球平台玻璃激光切割機

FD-JQ1530 Glass Laser Engraving Machine JQ1530滾球平台玻璃激光切割機
Product Description

With the development of building industry, processed glasses and similar product demand increasing day and day. To process more beautiful glasses, we developed new generation glass laser engraver. The JQ 1530 laser engraver is equipped with ball worktable. The rovtaing balls are rather safe to move fragile and easy-wearing glasses.

The equipment can be used to engrave on the surface of glass and similar materials and cut other materials. The features of equipment are any shape available, fast working speed, high precision, no noisy and no pollution. Generally speaking, the machine is high capability price ratio.

Applicable Materials and Industries

Glass, crystal, table ware, organic glass, dual-color board, acrylic, marble, floor, ceramic etc.

Product Parameters
Type JQ1530
Laser Power 60W/80W/100W
Laser Type Sealed CO2 laser tube ,water-cooling, 10.6um
Cooling Type Water cooling
Engraving Scanning Speed 0-70000mm / min 
0-2756in /min
Cutting Speed 0-40000mm/min 
0-1575in /min
Laser Output Control 1-100% software setting
Smallest Character engraving Chinese 2.0mmX 2.0mm
English1.0mm X 1.0mm
Highest Scanning precision 2500dpi
Locating Precision ≦±0.01mm
Supported Graphic Format plt、ai、bmp、dst、dxf
Compatible software CORELDRAW / PHOTOSHOP / AUTOCAD /Tajima /All types of AUTOCAD Software in clothes
Color Separation Yes
Working Area 1500mm X 3000mm
69in X 118 in