JQ-1325/1530 500w
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

JQ-1325/1530 500w光纖切割機

FD-JQ-1325/1530 500w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine JQ-1325 JQ1530 500w光纖切割機
Machine features
  1. 1.Stable machine body structure
    Machine adopts gantry structure, high-strength cast aluminum alloy X-Axis beam, total net weight of machine is 3600Kg.With a stable,good rigidity and high dynamic characteristics, which can ensure the stability of the machine in the process of fast cutting.
  2. High-performance transmission system
    We use the high power Japan Panasonic servo motor together with Taiwan HIWIN ball screw as the transmission system, which have high precision, high speed and stable perfoemance.
  3. Advance laser generator
    We use GSI fiber laser generator from UK with flexible optical path, which have advantages of high efficiency, long life time high precision and low running cost. The speed can reach 15m/min when cutting 1mm thickness steel sheet; life time can be 100000 hours; minimum cutting line is 0.2 mm; photoelectric conversion rate more than 24% while only need 1p power Chiller cooling system.
  4. High sensitive cutting head
    Machine equipped with original laser-mec laser cutting head imported from USA , which have a high sensitive sensor-based system. This can make sure the laser head have a high stability and perfect cutting effect when cutting with high speed.
Product Parameters
Type JQ-1325/1530 Fiber 500w
Laser Power Fiber 500w
Max.Working Area 1300mm X 2500mm (51in X 98in)
1500mm X 3000mm (59in X 118in)
Cutting Thickness ≦6mm
Laser Wavelength 1080
Rated Power 10-100%
Laser Power Output 500W,optional: 200W-1000W
Machine Transmission Model Import ball scew
XY–axis Repeat Location Accuracy ≦0.01mm
Min. Cutting Line 0.2mm
Machine Dimension 4.0 X 2.5 X1.5 M
Machine Weight 3600 KG