Double Head Laser Machine
FD-JQ1490 Double Head Laser Machine
Laser Power(China Laser Tube) 80 WATTS x 2 PC
(1PC on machinery and 1PC as spare parts)
150 WATTS x 1 PC
Laser Type Sealed CO2 Laser Tube, Water-Cooling, 10.6um
Cooling type Water cooling
Engraving scanning speed 0-70000mm/min / 0-2756in/mi
Cutting speed 0-40000mm/min / 0-1575in/min
Laser output control 1-100% software setting
Smallest Character Engraving Chinese 2.0mm x 2.0mm,
English 1.0mm x 1.0mm
Highest Scanning Precision 2500DPI
Locating Precision ≦ +/-0.01mm
Supported graphic format PLT. AI, BMP, DST. DXF
Compatible software CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, AUTOCAD, TAJIMA, All types of AUTOCAD software in cloth
Color separation yes
Working area 1400mm x 900mm / 55in x 35in
Dimension 2060 x 1410 x 1070mm
Weight   552kg