FKF 50 6 Colors/8 Colors
FD-CI(CE) FKF 50 6 Colors/8 Colors


  1. Main AC motor with driver
  2. Un/rewinder AC motors with inverter
  3. Unwind tension controller with powder brake
  4. Rewind tension controller with torque motor
  5. Laser-engraved ceramic anilox rollers 600 LPI; one for each color
  6. Dryer and fan with inverter
  7. Chamber doctor blade for each color.
  8. Ink circulator with tank for each color.
  9. Air shafts for web rolls
  10. CI drum with water cooling system.
  11. Overhead cranes for wed rolls and cylinders
  12. Plate cylinder(up to 522.39mm)with gear for each color.
  13. Unwind web guiding system.
  14. Feed-retract motor for anilox roller for each color
  15. Feed-retract motor for plate cylinder for each color
  16. Anilox roller motor
  17. Air knife dryer for each color except for the last color
  18. Electrical heater for air knife for each color
  19. Air exhaust fan for each color
  20. Final-stage chamber dryer
  21. Heater for final-stage dryer
  22. Final-stage air exhaust fan
  23. Temperature controller for dryers
  24. Hydraulic cylinder for anilox roller retraction
  25. Hydraulic cylinder for plate cylinder retraction
  26. Hydraulic clamp cylinder for plate cylinder
  27. Hydraulic controller
  28. Motor for horizontal color register adjustment
  29. Motor for vertical color register adjustment
  30. Half-width reverse side printing
  31. Motors for color register control for reverse side printing
  32. Pneumatic infeed pinch roller
  33. Pneumatic outfeed pinch roller
  34. Pre-color-register controller
  35. Final-stage cooling roller
  36. Print inspection system
  37. Human machine interface PLC
  • Plate cylinders of various sizes
  • Rewind web guide system                
  • Ink viscosity regulator for each color 
  • Ceramic Anilox rollers
  • Air compressor(self-prepared)
  • Turret un/rewind for non-stop printing
  • Gas or other heat sources
  • Full-width double-sided printing           
  • Plate mounting machine                 
  • Technicians' travel expenses