Open Mouth Tubular Bag Knitting Machine
FD-SSDNB9ECH Open Mouth Tubular Bag Knitting Machine
This machine is easy operation which from extrude machine creal
to direct weave-finish produce in roll then cutting bag piece by piece.
This machine can produce one lay shade knitting net.
Applications                                               Sunshade Net, Net Bags
Working Width               170"
Gauges                                                  2-6 (E2 E3 E6)
Type Of Needle                                  Latch Needle Bars,9 Gund Bars             
Yarn Let-Off Systems                       From On Yarn Creel 2040 Ends.
Pattern Drive                Drum Pattern Change Device
Fabric Take-Up                     4 Roller Take-Up Controlled By Change Gears For Adjusting Stitch Density.
Speed                                                    Over 450 - 550 Per Minute
Delivery                                                       5 Month After 30% Down Payment
General Power                                   4 Kw
Overall Dimension                           5m X 6m X 2.5m