Tuber Machine
FD-HD4913 Tuber Machine
FD-HD4913 Tuber Machine
Paper Reel Rack
  • The machine is equipped with 5 shafted paper reel racks, to ensure 1-5 paper plies available during production.

  • Each reel stand is equipped with pneumatic shaft to tightly hold the paper reel.

  • Also each unit has its own breaking system to keep a stable tension force on the rolling paper reel.

4-Color Automatic Printing
  • High automatization.

  • Four colors are optional for our printing machine, to ensure all of your print requirements are met in highest quality.

  • Print roller will automatically disengage when the machine stops, preventing the paper sticking to the print roller.

  • Longitudinal & Latitudinal lines are carved on the printing roller, veryconvenient for pasting printing plate.*The printing machine is controlled by PLC and equipped with high quality pneumatic device system.

Deviation Rectifying System and Auxiliary Driving
  • This unit is to guide each paper layer and rectify the deviation during operation.

  • Air-liquid servo guiding system in this section can restrict the paper running in pre-set range to prevent it from deviation.

  • Giving the paper a proper and stable tensile force ensuring no breakage during the following steps.

  • The paper is controlled by hydraulic guiding rollers and air sensors to ensure the paper is presented into the next section in the correct position.

  • The printed ply of the paper can also be adjusted through
    this point to ensure a good overprint quality.
  • This function is to puncture breaking trace on the ends of paper tube for the following tearing-off section.

  • This is achieved by using 4 sets of synchronized perforating knifes that perforate each line of paper at the correct position to achieve the correct bag length.

  • Each perforating knife is based on its own roller which is driven by its individual gearbox further ensuring greater accuracy to achieve the best results.

  • Each knife is equipped with a photoelectric detecting unit to stop the machine if any of the paper line is broken during the production.
Latitudinal Glue Dotting
  • This unit is to dot glue on the paper layers to paste ends of paper together after tube is formed, making a smooth bottom-opening on the bottomer machine.

  • It is gluing synchronized along with the perforating unit and the paper driving speed to give an accurate gluing application and excellent quality of the finished bags.

  • The gluing position can be adjusted according to the changes
    of bag length.

  • The glue position is exactly on the two sides of the tube end.
Longitudinal Glue Brushing
  • Longitudinal glue brushing is done after latitudinal gluing is to ensure a high quality bags.

  • It is gluing synchronized along with the whole machine to give an accurate gluing position.

  • Glue flow is controlled automatically, to ensure a constant supply of glue.

  • The gluing position can be adjusted according to the changes of bag size.
Tube Forming
  • After glued, paper layers travel to tube forming platform.

  • Under the applications of tuber forming rollers and folding bars, the paper layers are stuck together and tubes are formed finally.

  • With the rollers and roller supports, the tube is formed with no air bubble in it.
Main Driving and Tube Tearing-off

  • It is the main driver for the whole process in tube making.

  • The tube line is separated here into single tubes by the application of speed difference between rollers.

  • The separation point is right at the perforated breaking line.

  • When the bag length is changed, here can be adjusted accordingly in gear box.

  • Photoelectric detector is equipped for operation trouble.
Counting and delivering
  • The finished tubes now are delivered into counting sectionto preset the quantity of tubes.

  • Photoelectric control and pneumatic driving device are equipped here to ensure accurate counting and timely delivering.

  • The tubes will be pushed out in bundle of 20~40 ones.

  • This unit has also been ergonomically built to ensure that there is no repetitive strain injury to operators.
Working hour 22 hours/day
Design temperature 0~40 degree
Design humidity MAX. 95%
Number required 1 unit
Speed 120~140 tubes/min
(Depends on paper quality, number of ply and operators’ skill.)
Tube length 560~1050 mm
Tube width 350~620 mm
Space between tape steps 20 mm
Tube Cut Length 640~1005mm
Number of ply 2~4 paper + 1 PP/PE
Diameter of print rolle ø144~ø314 mm
Printing width 1300 mm(MAX)
Paper reel width 860~1260 mm
Paper reel diameter Max. 1, 300 mm
Air consumption 1,100L/min
Main drive motor 30kw
Size of whole set 35.3m×2.4m×2.7m( L×W×H)
Total weight 34 T