Bottomer Machine (4-Color Printing Macine)
FD-ZT9804 Bottomer Machine (4-Color Printing Macine)
FD-ZT9804 Bottomer Machine (4-Color Printing Macine)
High-speed Feeding & Auto-Arranging
  • By using rotary vacuum feeding unit, this machine can run at high production speed to meet volume requirement.
  • With the various frequency motor, proper speed can be adjusted according to the paper materials, to ensure a best condition for quality and avoid material waste.
  • The tubes will be arranged automatically to place them in right position for the following processes.
  • The performance of feeding is most important to maintain high quality products and our feeding unit adopts the best engineering to ensure easy operation and high stability.
Perforating & Forming Bottom Line on the Tube
  • Perforating air-vent holes in the tube end.
  • Meanwhile a trace line is formed where is the position to make bottom for the final bags.
  • The roller here can be adjusted easily according to different bag size.
Tube Transporting
  • This unit provides the main power for delivering tubes during the bottom sealing process.
  • The four delivery belts on two sides (red ones in the picture) are very important in this unit. They have much high requirements on precision, in order to run in synchronization and ensure the bags excellently sealed.
  • Photoelectric detecting device is equipped to stop the machine when bag blocking happens
  • The belts can be lifted by pneumatic cylinder, so blocked bags can be picked-out easily.
Bottom Opening
  • This unit opens the tubes by mean of vacuum suction pipes.
  • Then rotary horn inserts opened tube to continue the fully opening.
  • Main delivery, suction device and horn are running in synchronization.
  • High quality material is used in all of our machines to ensure a long production life.
Valve Scrip Pasting
  • Our machine is fully automatic in pasting valve scrip to the bags, including guiding, cutting, and gluing.
  • This unit is runs synchronously with the whole line, ensuring pasting the valve scrip on the correct position.
  • The valve scrip can be picked up automatically if the bag bottom is not fully opened.
  • Both the scrip and bag bottom will be glued automatically controlled by electrical system.
Bottom Pasting

  • This unit glues the bottoms evenly under the control of PLC.
  • If the bottom is not fully opened, the unit will avoid gluing these bags.
  • For a smooth bottom sealing, this mechanism will also press two bottom traces by two sets of wheels.
Bottom Sealing & Bottom Reversing
  • After the bottoms are glued, this section will seal the bottoms by pressing plate.
  • Tuning over the bottom by 90°to keep the bottom and bag in the same plane is for the purpose of easy delivering and piling up.
  • Repressing the bottoms to firm the bottom pasting.
Bag Counting and Delivering
  • The finished bags are presented to the counting collector where the number of a batch can be adjusted to the clients’ requirements.
  • The counter is using a photoelectric cell to ensure the correct number in each batch.*The whole machine is under PLC and photoelectricity & air control. Siemens electrical system and high precise mechanical parts are equipped to ensure excellent performance and long working life.
  • Servo system is available for option.
Working hour                                     22 hours/day
Design temperature  0~40 degree
Design humidity MAX. 95%
Number required                              1 unit
Speed 100~120 bags/min 
(Depends on paper quality, number of ply and operators’ skill.)
Bag length                                          
Bag width                                            350~620 mm
Bottom width                                     90~130mm
Bottom open width                          200~380mm
Distance between bottom centers 420~780mm
Valve sheet length                           120~240mm
Valve sheet width      120~170mm
Valve Sheet Length Width  (L*W)=(100-250)*(120-170)adjustable
Main drive motor  33kw
Total weight                                        20T
Size of whole set 22m×1.8m×1.8m ( L×W×H) 
Valve sheet reel diameter     Max.1,300mm