Single Hand Sewing Machine
FD-2EO Single Hand Sewing Machine
This machine is used to sew the bags for cement, fertilizer ,sugar ,flour ,chemical material ,and grain.
A set of sewing machine can produce max.24000.00 pcs of single head bags per day (in 8 hours).
The sewing machine is not included in the quotation of bag making machine, and it depends on the output of bags.
Tape Width      63mm
Tube Length    No Limitation
Tube Width              No Limitation 
Gusset Width   No Limitation
No.Of Ply    Up to 6 Plies
Motor Total     0.75Hp
Machine Size         
8,531 x 2,180 x 2,200 mm
Operator         Approx. 1 person
Net Weight      Approx. 250 Kgs
Gross Weight           Approx.350 Kgs