Plastic Circular Loom
FD-SBYZ-2250x10 Plastic Circular Loom
For the production of endless tubular or flat fabric from PP or HDPE tapes
Working speed:
max. 80 rpm
max. 800 ppm
With double cutting & double winding
Driven direct by DST motor
*With special DST motor: Instead of normal motor, without gear
box that’s electrical power consumption is less than 10-15%
of Starlinger loom, and less 25-30% of other brand loom.
Number of shuttles                                           
Working width / double flat       
1800-2250 mm                       
At reduced pick rate                               
2100-2250 mm   
Weft insertion                                   800 picks/min.*                  
Weft density                                       20 – 75 / 10 cm
Revolutions                                                80 round/min. *
Number of warp tape                      2500 pcs
Creel positions  2500 pcs
  • “M” gusset device