Flexographic Reel to Reel Printing Line
FD-CS-2002/EM Automatic Woven Bag Conversion Line(Cutting-Sewing Type)
quipped Gear Box On Each Printing Station,
These Gear Box Can 360° Online Print Registration While the Machine In Running
Equipped Air Sucking Blower For Enhancing Drying Efficiency (For Quickly Drying)
Equipped "Blowing Blade" (Blowing Pipe Type) For Quickly Drying

Including: 1. Corona Treater (4KW)
2.Automatic Ink Circulation Pump x 8pcs
3. Static Eliminator
Diameter of Unwinding Cloth      
  1200 mm Maximum
Processing Tube Width                                                   
350 – 850 mm (Max)
Cutting Length                                    500 - 1400 mm Applicable                                    
Printing Width                                                 840 mm (Max)
Printing Repeat Length                     500 – 1350 mm
Production Output                           Max. 80~120 Meter/Minute
(Normal Working Speed)
(Depends On The Size Of Printing Area.)
  • Auto Roll Changing System (Unwinding And Rewinding).
    (Enclosed Auto Tension Control and ψ3” Air Shaft x 2 pcs for Unwinding)
  • Additional ψ3” Air Shaft For Unwinding Roll
  • ψ8” Air Shaft For Unwinding Roll
  • Corona Treater (4 KW)
  • Air Compressor (3 HP)
  • Automatic Ink Circulation Pump
  • Doctor Blade Systen (with Ceramic Anilox Roller & Air Ink Pump)